Is your installer say­ing that the net­work can­not handle the peak load of char­ging stations?

The capacity of the network is an important parameter. It is also a significant reason why installers and network operators advise against installing a

The Neth­er­lands, espe­cially in the north, is strug­gling with grid con­ges­tion. Due to eco­nom­ic growth, the demand for elec­tri­city trans­mis­sion is great­er than the grid can handle. As a res­ult, new com­pan­ies can­not always estab­lish them­selves, or res­id­en­tial areas are not con­nec­ted to the grid.

In these „prob­lem areas“, installers are often reluct­ant to install char­ging sta­tions. They are afraid that the fuses will blow and loc­a­tions will be left without power because demand exceeds supply.

This doubt is under­stand­able. But rarely jus­ti­fied. Lim­ited capa­city does not have to be an obstacle to build­ing a char­ging sta­tion. There are vari­ous solu­tions to tackle the challenge. 

Smart char­ging network 

Allow­ing char­ging sta­tions to talk to each oth­er 24/7 cal­cu­lates the avail­able capa­city and dis­trib­utes it to the char­ging sta­tions in use. If a new car arrives, the power is redis­trib­uted. This dynam­ic, intel­li­gent char­ging meth­od is ideally suited to loc­a­tions where cars are parked for long peri­ods, allow­ing enough time for bat­tery charging.

Slower char­ging dur­ing peak hours

In loc­a­tions such as hotels and res­taur­ants, there are busy moments and less busy moments. Set­ting char­ging sta­tions so that there are few­er kW avail­able dur­ing peak hours avoids crit­ic­al peak loads while the cars con­tin­ue to charge and have enough power to drive sev­er­al hun­dred kilo­metres after two hours.

Request more capacity

A thick­er cable with more trans­port capa­city or a lar­ger trans­former house are ways to get more power at loc­a­tions. These solu­tions are expens­ive, and the ques­tion is who will pay for them. A lar­ger trans­former is usu­ally the respons­ib­il­ity of the site own­er. There are also smarter solu­tions. For example, find out what cat­egory your elec­tri­city con­nec­tion falls into and wheth­er there is a pos­sib­il­ity of increas­ing the power with­in that cat­egory. If there is such a pos­sib­il­ity, the grid oper­at­or will have to adjust to real­ise the capacity.

Tech­no­logy makes a lot possible.

But „see­ing oppor­tun­it­ies“ and „think­ing cre­at­ively“ is at least as necessary.

Each loc­a­tion is dif­fer­ent and requires a spe­cif­ic solution.

Whatever the installer tells you, I’m will­ing to bet that your loc­a­tion can handle the peak load and that we can cre­ate an innov­at­ive char­ging station.

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