BY Pieter Zijlema

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If you consider installing charging stations in your organisation’s car park, you had better know what you are talking about. Knowledge of charge points is essential to finding the right solution with network operators and installers.

Facility managers are regularly told that they cannot install charging stations at their location. The reasons vary.

The top three arguments put forward:

  1. There is too little capacity
  2. The construction and connection to the network are too complex
  3. Peak loads cripple the site’s power supply

Knowledge of data exchange

The arguments sound plausible in themselves. But you only know whether they are valid if you have knowledge of the matter. You have to understand data exchanges between connections, and it is nice to have a feel for economic and financial reflections. A certain amount of creativity is also required.

Often thought of in terms of tech

In the charging station industry, the main focus is on technology. One company may know about meter boxes, another about cables, and yet another about amplifiers or distribution boxes. Few people and/or companies oversee the entire, complex spectrum. It is therefore not surprising that facility managers of hotels, restaurants, school buildings, hospitals, office buildings and other institutions do not have the required know-how and are therefore usually unable to counter the arguments of installers and network managers.

It can’t, does not exist

We have been active in the energy sector for over 12 years and have noticed that there is still a lot of ignorance. Through trial and error, Pluq has grown into a valuable source of knowledge. Compare it to a surgeon. Anyone who frequently performs the same operations becomes a specialist. Complications and unexpected situations require good action and unusual solutions. Together with our regular installation partner, we have realised loading bays at challenging locations – the car park of Wagenborg Passagiersdiensten in Holwerd (in the middle of the Wadden Sea) and the car park at Dierenpark Amersfoort – ‘were actually not possible.

Therefore, at Pluq, we believe that ‘can’t’ doesn’t exist

  1. Capacity problems are solved by creative thinking. For example, you can adjust the charging intensity to the amount of capacity available in real-time.
  2. The construction and installation of charging stations are rarely too complex. It requires sharp thinking, good preparation, and professional and good planning.
  3. Peak loads can be easily controlled by adjusting the charging stations differently.

Perhaps you would be wise not to ask yourself what you know about installing charge points. The answer is actually irrelevant.

The question you have to ask is: do I want charge points in my car park?

Is het antwoord ‘ja, graag’, dan kan je kosteloos gebruikmaken van onze kennis. En dat is een belofte.

Second opinion

Is your location not suitable for charging stations?

Ask for a second opinion.

Send an e-mail to info@pluq.eu, and we will contact you.