Pri­vacy and Cook­ie Statement

Pluq, loc­ated at Karspeldreef 8, 1101 CJ Ams­ter­dam, is respons­ible for the pro­cessing of per­son­al data as shown in this pri­vacy statement.

Con­tact information:

pluq​.eu Karspeldreef 8, 1101 CJ Ams­ter­dam +31 20 794 0538

Per­son­al data that we process

Pluq pro­cesses your per­son­al data because you use our ser­vices and/​or because you provide them to us yourself.

Below is an over­view of the per­son­al data we process:

  • First and last name
  • Phone num­ber
  • Email address

Spe­cial and/​or sens­it­ive per­son­al data that we process

Our web­site and/​or ser­vice does not intend to col­lect inform­a­tion about web­site vis­it­ors who are under the age of 16. Unless they have par­ent­al or guard­i­an con­sent. How­ever, we can­not veri­fy wheth­er a vis­it­or is over 16. We there­fore recom­mend that par­ents be involved in their children’s online activ­it­ies, in order to pre­vent the col­lec­tion of data about chil­dren without par­ent­al con­sent. If you believe that we have col­lec­ted per­son­al inform­a­tion about a minor without such con­sent, please con­tact us at info@​pluq.​eu and we will delete this information.

For what pur­pose and on the basis of which basis do we pro­cess per­son­al data?

Pluq pro­cesses your per­son­al data for the fol­low­ing purposes:

To be able to call or email you if neces­sary to make and send an appro­pri­ate pro­pos­al for you

To be able to call or e‑mail you if this is neces­sary for us to be able to carry out our services

Pluq also pro­cesses per­son­al data if we are leg­ally obliged to do so, such as data we need for our tax return.

Auto­mated decision making

Pluq does not make decisions on the basis of auto­mated pro­cessing that could have (sig­ni­fic­ant) con­sequences for people. These decisions are made by com­puter pro­grams or sys­tems, without a human being (for example an employ­ee of Pluq) being involved.

How long we keep per­son­al data?

Pluq does not keep your per­son­al data longer than strictly neces­sary to real­ize the goals for which your data is col­lec­ted. We apply the fol­low­ing reten­tion peri­ods for the fol­low­ing (cat­egor­ies) of per­son­al data:

If you have had con­tact with Pluq and/​or have received a pro­pos­al from us, but you have not become a cus­tom­er, we will delete your data at the latest one year after our last con­tact. If you have become a cus­tom­er or we have become one, we will save your per­son­al data for a peri­od of sev­en years after the end of the fin­an­cial year in which the agree­ment with you was fully executed. The peri­od of sev­en years cor­res­ponds to the peri­od dur­ing which we are obliged to keep our records for the Tax Author­it­ies. At the end of this peri­od, we will delete your per­son­al data.

Shar­ing of per­son­al data with third parties

Pluq only provides to third parties and only if this is neces­sary for the exe­cu­tion of our agree­ment with you or to com­ply with a leg­al obligation. 

Cook­ies, or sim­il­ar tech­niques, we use

Pluq uses only tech­nic­al and func­tion­al cook­ies. And ana­lyt­ic­al cook­ies that do not infringe on your pri­vacy. A cook­ie is a small text file that is stored on your com­puter, tab­let or smart­phone when you vis­it this web­site for the first time. The cook­ies we use are neces­sary for the tech­nic­al oper­a­tion of the web­site and your con­veni­ence. They ensure that the web­site works prop­erly and remem­ber, for example, your pref­er­ences. They also allow us to optim­ize our web­site. You can opt out of cook­ies by set­ting your Inter­net browser so that it no longer stores cook­ies. In addi­tion, you can delete all inform­a­tion pre­vi­ously stored through your browser settings.

View­ing, modi­fy­ing or delet­ing data 

You have the right to view, cor­rect or delete your per­son­al data. Fur­ther­more, you have the right to with­draw your pos­sible con­sent for the data pro­cessing or to object to the pro­cessing of your per­son­al data by Pluq and you have the right to data port­ab­il­ity. This means that you can sub­mit a request to us to send the per­son­al data that we have about you in a com­puter file to you or anoth­er organ­iz­a­tion named by you.

You can send a request for access, cor­rec­tion, dele­tion, data trans­fer of your per­son­al data or a request to with­draw your con­sent or to object to the pro­cessing of your per­son­al data to info@​pluq.​eu.

To make sure that the request for inspec­tion was made by you, we ask you to send a copy of your iden­tity doc­u­ment with the request. Make in this copy your pass­port photo, MRZ (machine read­able zone, the strip with num­bers at the bot­tom of the pass­port), pass­port num­ber and Cit­izen Ser­vice Num­ber (BSN) black. This is to pro­tect your pri­vacy. We will respond to your request as quickly as pos­sible, but with­in four weeks.

Pluq would also like to point out that you have the option of sub­mit­ting a com­plaint to the nation­al super­vis­ory author­ity, the Autor­iteit Per­soonsgegevens. You can do so via the fol­low­ing link: https://​autor​iteit​per​soonsgegevens​.nl/​n​l​/​c​o​n​t​a​c​t​-​m​e​t​-​d​e​-​a​u​t​o​r​i​t​e​i​t​-​p​e​r​s​o​o​n​s​g​e​g​e​v​e​n​s​/​t​i​p​-​ons.

How we secure per­son­al data

Pluq takes the pro­tec­tion of your data ser­i­ously and takes appro­pri­ate meas­ures to pre­vent mis­use, loss, unau­thor­ized access, unwanted dis­clos­ure and unau­thor­ized alter­a­tion. If you have the impres­sion that your data is not prop­erly secured or there are indic­a­tions of mis­use, please con­tact our cus­tom­er ser­vice or via info@​pluq.​eu