What do you know about installing char­ging stations?

If you consider installing charging stations in your organisation's car park, you had better know what you are talking about. Knowledge of charge points

Facil­ity man­agers are reg­u­larly told that they can­not install char­ging sta­tions at their loc­a­tion. The reas­ons vary.

The top three argu­ments put forward:

  1. There is too little capacity
  2. The con­struc­tion and con­nec­tion to the net­work are too complex
  3. Peak loads cripple the site’s power supply

Know­ledge of data exchange

The argu­ments sound plaus­ible in them­selves. But you only know wheth­er they are val­id if you have know­ledge of the mat­ter. You have to under­stand data exchanges between con­nec­tions, and it is nice to have a feel for eco­nom­ic and fin­an­cial reflec­tions. A cer­tain amount of cre­ativ­ity is also required.

Often thought of in terms of tech

In the char­ging sta­tion industry, the main focus is on tech­no­logy. One com­pany may know about meter boxes, anoth­er about cables, and yet anoth­er about amp­li­fi­ers or dis­tri­bu­tion boxes. Few people and/​or com­pan­ies over­see the entire, com­plex spec­trum. It is there­fore not sur­pris­ing that facil­ity man­agers of hotels, res­taur­ants, school build­ings, hos­pit­als, office build­ings and oth­er insti­tu­tions do not have the required know-how and are there­fore usu­ally unable to counter the argu­ments of installers and net­work managers.

It can’t, does not exist

We have been act­ive in the energy sec­tor for over 12 years and have noticed that there is still a lot of ignor­ance. Through tri­al and error, Pluq has grown into a valu­able source of know­ledge. Com­pare it to a sur­geon. Any­one who fre­quently per­forms the same oper­a­tions becomes a spe­cial­ist. Com­plic­a­tions and unex­pec­ted situ­ations require good action and unusu­al solu­tions. Togeth­er with our reg­u­lar install­a­tion part­ner, we have real­ised load­ing bays at chal­len­ging loc­a­tions – the car park of Wagen­borg Pas­sa­gi­ersdi­en­sten in Hol­werd (in the middle of the Wad­den Sea) and the car park at Dier­en­park Amers­foort – ‚were actu­ally not possible.

There­fore, at Pluq, we believe that ‚can’t‘ doesn’t exist

  1. Capa­city prob­lems are solved by cre­at­ive think­ing. For example, you can adjust the char­ging intens­ity to the amount of capa­city avail­able in real-time.
  2. The con­struc­tion and install­a­tion of char­ging sta­tions are rarely too com­plex. It requires sharp think­ing, good pre­par­a­tion, and pro­fes­sion­al and good planning.
  3. Peak loads can be eas­ily con­trolled by adjust­ing the char­ging sta­tions differently.

Per­haps you would be wise not to ask your­self what you know about installing charge points. The answer is actu­ally irrelevant.

The ques­tion you have to ask is: do I want charge points in my car park?

If the answer is pos­it­ive, you can use our know­ledge of installing char­ging sta­tions free of charge. 

Second opin­ion

Is your loc­a­tion not suit­able for char­ging stations? 

Ask for a second opinion. 

Send an e‑mail to info@​pluq.​eu, and we will con­tact you. 

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