Let­ter from Pieter Zijlema, head of char­ging points at Pluq

May 2022

Three years ago I said to myself “Pieter, you are not going to just stand about watch­ing the ice caps melt and sea levels rise”. 

Glob­al warm­ing has been on my mind for a long time. Accord­ing to mul­tiple stud­ies, it’s sink or swim. Per­son­ally, I think we should not sup­port a world that threatens to become unliv­able for our chil­dren. We just can’t do that…

Accord­ing to the IPCC, we are in con­trol of our own des­tiny. We don’t neces­sar­ily need to take dra­coni­an meas­ures to reduce harm­ful green­house gases and make the air clean­er. If we all switch to elec­tric vehicles, we will be well on our way.

That’s why we star­ted Pluq. We provide char­ging points to schools, res­taur­ants, hotels, museums, hos­pit­als, car parks, insti­tu­tions, amuse­ment parks, zoos and com­pan­ies that have their own park­ing facil­it­ies. By offer­ing units free of charge, we make them access­ible to every­one, includ­ing com­pan­ies that do not have the budget to invest in them. Once there are more char­ging points, people are more likely to opt for elec­tric vehicles. For­tu­nately, more EVs are already being sold than pet­rol cars.

have been work­ing on the energy trans­ition for more than 12 years now. I have held stra­tegic pos­i­tions at major energy com­pan­ies. Although inspir­ing things are hap­pen­ing every­where, I found that things are mov­ing too slowly. 

Change starts by tak­ing action.

Mobil­ity needs to become elec­tri­fied as soon as pos­sible. We all have an interest in clean air. That is why I am invit­ing you to join me in secur­ing our children’s future. We are not going to make a dif­fer­ence by stand­ing aside. Will you join us?

Pieter Zijlema


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