Increase turnover and make your organization more sustainable with free charging stations

Increase turnover and make your organization more sustainable with free charging stations

No investments required
Compensation per kWh
Peace of mind
Pluq finances, installs and manages electric vehicle charging points in private car parks. These come at no cost to your organization, but bring you a great deal: satisfied visitors, a green image, and no stress – as well as a share of the profits.

If people can't charge their electric car at your location, they’ll go somewhere else. You’ll miss out on customer visits and turnover.

Because Pluq finances all costs, you can fully focus on developing your organization. Pluq provides first-class charging stations so that you will never have to disappoint visitors driving an electric vehicle again.

Sign of the future

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Charging is the new way to refuel. However, you rarely see a road sign indicating where you can top up or recharge your EV battery. We are changing this. The future has its own sign!

Want free charging stations? Here’s our plan of action.

First we calculate how many charging points You will need

We connect the charging points to your organization’s electrical network

We monitor usage  so your network can handle power demand at all times

If you need more charging points later, we can scale up free of charge

Different flavours of Pluq

Are you convinced of the advantages of free charging stations? Then it’s time to decide which type of charger you want at your location. Pluq offers three flavours:

The Pluq charging point

Pluq guarantees high quality. Alphen and EcoTap supply the poles.

White label charging station

If you see opportunities for a joint venture, or if you want to decorate the charging station in your company house style, the white label charging post is a good choice. Sportstroom and Dierenpark Amersfoort are good examples. The posts remain our property.

The charity charging station

Which charity do you want to support? You can support four organisations through our charity charging stations: KWF (Dutch Cancer Society), Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund, Kika (Children Cancer-free Foundation) and Natuurmonumenten (Society for Preservation of Nature Monuments in the Netherlands). Choose which one you’d like to feature on your site. For each kWh charged, two eurocents go to the charity of your choice.


What do you know about installing charging stations?

We have been active in this sector for over 12 years

Can you recoup the purchase of charging stations in 3 years?

The math will show this is not the case.

Why invest in charging stations and not in your core business?

You can only spend your money once.

Is your installer saying that the network cannot handle the peak load of charging stations

We know there’s no such thing as 'can't'

What customers are saying...

Total peace of mind

“We thought about buying and installing charging stations ourselves. But the earnings model turned out to be very complicated. It would take longer to recoup the costs than we had assumed. And if we wanted to expand, we’d have to invest again. Now, all costs and risks are borne by Pluq. Our money is spent to the animals and the park. A very smart choice. We are completely unburdened. “
Clemont Struik, Dierenpark Amersfoort

No such thing as ‘can’t’

“The network operator said there wouldn’t be sufficient capacity to power a charging station. Pluq has proven that there’s no such thing as ‘can’t’. By slowing down charging at busy times, the network doesn’t get overloaded. People can now drive their EVs to Holwerd and take the ferry to Ameland. When they return, their battery is charged. “
Hans Nieuwenstein, Wagenborg Passagiersdiensten, Ameland

Extremely happy

“Our country estate Kapellerput now offers 10 e-charging points for electric cars. Guests are extremely happy with this extra service. The poles are used all the time. It’s great thing that they are powered by 100% Dutch wind energy. That makes refuelling completely sustainable.”
Rik Hüsken, Hotel Kapellerput, Heeze


We connect the chargers directly to your organization’s electrical network. The rate for users is slightly higher than what your organization pays for the electricity. We refund these costs to you plus a percentage of the revenue per kWh.

Our charging stations are suitable for locations where visitors stay for at least two hours. Guests can recharge their EV battery in peace and quiet and continue their journey without a care. Our rates are lower than those of fast-charging stations. Importantly, we only use green electricity from the Netherlands for our charging stations.

Most suppliers sell electric charging stations or offer them with a lease contract. We give them away and install and maintain them at our own expense. In doing so, we are making a big commitment. We can only recoup our investments over a longer period of time. Hence, a ten-year partnership.

A partnership obliges us to go the extra mile every day and show commitment under all circumstances. If you need more charging points, we will provide them. Free of charge, of course. We like to grow with our customers.

We are working towards a liveable future for our children. We want to stop the ice caps from melting and prevent the sea from rising three or four centimeters. Clean air is vital. That is why we need to get rid of gas and fossil fuels as soon as possible. To accelerate the energy transition, Trees for All is planting two trees in a forest for every charging point. Our children deserve it!

Pluq makes charging as easy as possible. We know many organizations would rather not invest in electric charging stations, but do want to offer their guests charging points. We help by taking care of all the costs. If anything breaks down, our technicians will fix it. The more charging stations there are, the more attractive electric vehicles become. It’s as simple as that. This story is too good not to be true. If it wasn’t possible, it wouldn’t exist.

The Pluq-Card, exclusively for you

As an entrepreneur, school administrator or member of the board of directors, you’d rather not pay our normal rates to charge up. With the Pluq-card, you can charge at a lower rate. You can also apply for a card for employees. Please note: the card is personalised and not transferable. Check it out!